Life is funny…

If we talk about the process of the biological development of humans, childhood is the happiest moment in life because it is when human starts to learn how to live as well as how to adapt to the surrounding environment. We did not care, did not worry, and did not think about anything except having fun with our childhood friends and toys. Especially, we got a warm care from our parents and family. As we grew up, our brains have also developed. We learn a lot, we question a lot, and we doubt everything around us. It is when we need to face the reality. It is when we taste the meaning of life!

A human cannot be isolated. We need each other to live. Many things happen in our lives, family, friends, knowledge, career, communities, social issues, entertainment, and so on. That’s what makes our life is interesting because we have got to experience many unexpected things in our life.

You may had best friends who promised to be friends forever no matter what happens…

You may had a lover who promised to be together forever no matter what happens…

You may had relatives who always help each other no matter what happens…

You have met lots of people who came into your life and you may wanted to be with them forever. You never wanted to lose them BUT the unexpected things always happen unexpectedly… Sometimes, you have no idea how it possibly happens and you may wonder why?

Sometimes, it may happen for a reason but sometimes, it happens without any reasons and we might never know even though we try to figure out what exactly happened.

This is Life! We have to learn from it, from all the experiences that we have in our lives. It is not always happy! It will never be the same! Time has flown and people also have changed. Do not ask a question why because you will never get the answer. All you have to do is to accept the truth that it has changed.

Do whatever you think is good for the surrounding people; otherwise, you will regret once you lose them. Even if one day, you lose them for some reason but you won’t regret for doing something good for them. Do not be selfish and only think about yourself.

Believe me, you will regret some days if you do so.

I have found my life is so funny, so interesting, and so scared.

This is Life!


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