A Single Lady


After a long while, I have become a single lady again. I guess it was the last time for me to be in a relationship. It is more than enough for me. It has been a long journey! I have gone through many kinds of relationships. I am so tired! Or maybe, it’s because I haven’t found the right one.

“Everyone comes into our lives whether for a while or for a lifetime, it is always for a reason.” No matter what a reason it is, we should be thankful and cherish them! We should be thankful because they brought us either experience or lessons in our life. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has come into my life. Thanks to those who is still here for me while some have already left. Because of you, I have become who I am today.

My love life is like a movie, not a happy-ending movie but a sad one. Maybe, it is because I was so rushed to find true love while I am not even ready for it. Maybe, I am addicted to romantic movies, so I always wished to have one too. Sometimes, I regretted not being able to save my heart for someone who really wants it. I have always given it to someone who took it for granted.

Dear Future Mr. Right, I am sorry that I cannot give my pure heart to you. It has been broken again and again. I promise you that from now on, I will take care of it well and be ready to give it to you one day. I will protect it from being broken again. I also want you to promise me that no matter what happens, you will never break it. If you cannot promise me, I cannot give it to you. I am sorry for being so mean to you because my heart has hurt enough.

However, I will not be looking for you. Let fate helps us to find each other. I do not care how long it will take, I will be right here waiting for you to find me. I am sorry that I cannot search for you because I am afraid I will meet the wrong one again. If we really mean to be together, we will eventually find each other. I am here, being a happy single, and independent lady, enjoying my single life with my work, study, future goals, family, and friends.

Even if one day you find me and think that I am the one, there is something I want you to know. I might be not the girl you are looking for. I have a lot of flaws and I make a lot of mistakes. Some people said I am a strong and independent lady but the fact is I am weak inside. I am too sensitive, and overthinking, I get jealous easily, and I am a drama queen which means I really love all sorts of romantic and surprising stuff. Once, I love someone, I’ll love him from all of my heart, be faithful to him, give all my time to him, set him as my first priority, and I won’t give a glance to any guy. I secretly hope you will do the same things too.

Being a single lady does not mean she never had love but it means she had it enough and got scared of it. She is afraid that she will get hurt again.

Being a single lady does not mean she is not afraid of being lonely but it means she is afraid of being with the wrong one that makes her feel even lonelier.

Being a single lady does not mean she doesn’t need anyone but it means she is waiting for the right one the one who truly loves her.

Being a single lady does not mean she is strong and independent but it means she is looking for someone who accepts all of her flaws and loves her for who she is.

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