Dare to dream, Dare to fail!

Dream” is a wish to have or to be something, especially one that seems difficult to achieve. 

Oxford Advanced Dictionary

Everyone has a dream. Different people have different dreams. Some dreams might be too big and impossible to achieve and some dreams might be just small ones. Like other people, I also have dreams.

I have started to dream since I was young. When I was a little girl, I dreamed about working in the office, wearing office clothes, using a computer, and speaking English fluently. When I grew up, I dreamed about studying and working in a field that I love. As time goes by, I was able to make my childhood dreams come true. I won a scholarship to study my favorite major and now I am working for a non-governmental organization.

However, my dream does not end right here. While my childhood dreams come true, it is time for me to make my adulthood dream come true too. My adulthood dream is not really different from other people’s dreams. College life has changed me a lot. It changed my perspective and way of thinking. My dream has become bigger and bigger. I have started to dream of pursuing a higher degree abroad. I want to explore the world. I want to know how big the world is. How is it different from where I am living? How do people in other places make a living?

Because I had never challenged myself in a tough competition, I had never experienced a failure. I thought it was as easy as winning a scholarship in my own country but it is actually not. It might be easy to have a small dream but it has never been easy to make a big one come true. Making a small dream come true might require less effort but making a big one does require much effort. I always thought that I am ready to make my dream come true but I forgot that my dream is a big one. I will not be able to make it come true if I am not yet ready to put all the effort into it. Because of this dream, I have known failure for the first time. This failure does give me lots of experiences and lessons learned.

“We will never win if we do not have a clear plan, a strong commitment, and ready to fail” This is what I learn from my first failure. I was so down, depress, hopeless, disappointed, and lose all of my motivation because I had never failed. I was about to give up my dream. I thought I would never be able to make it come true. But now… even though I am still struggling but I dare to try. I will try even harder. I am ready to fail again and again. Because those failures will be good lessons. It gives me opportunities to learn from my mistakes. It tells me what should I improve. I have learned that I lack many things. If I do not improve it, then I will never get it.

I know that my dream is too big to achieve. I know many failures are waiting for me. I am ready to fail again because I am ready to make my dream come true. I admit that it is not really easy to accept failure but my dream is bigger than my failure. I believe that one day, I will be able to make it. I don’t care how long will it takes.

If you dare dream, you have to dare to fail. Unless your dream is a small one then you do not have to worry about failure. But if you dare dream big then you have to dare to fail hard too! No matter how many times we fail, it is well worth it, right? Failures make our dream even bigger! We will never stop believing as long as we are alive!

Keep dreaming and keep believing that you can make it come true no matter how big is it! :]

I am on my way to making my dream come true too! Good Luck! Fighting ~

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