Life and Trade Off

“In reality, things don’t always come in our ways. Life is a journey and process; that’s NOT a destination. So, along the way, you will find things that make you SMILE and FROWN! Through your decision, that’s the process you’re leading your life; that’s the journey you’re exploring more about your true self! If this decision makes you feel released and refreshed, why is that called a regretful decision? You’re the VIP who takes control of your life.”

This is what my senior colleague advised me after I made an important decision. Of course, things don’t always come in our ways as we expected. It doesn’t mean that we will get what we plan to get. Life is a journey, not a destination! There are so many unexpected things that happen along with this journey. Those things either give us memories or experiences. Therefore, it’s us, who make a decision whether to keep those unexpected things or to let them go and go on our life journey with a goal in our mind. From I was young until now, I have experienced so many unexpected things. I have learned that I am definitely the captain of my life, my own journey. I am the one who decides which path I want to walk on.

The toughest decision that everyone is hard to make is when we need to give up something to achieve something. We cannot make everything perfect, and we cannot have all the things we want. When it comes to decisions, we always hesitate whether we should try our best to make everything work at the same time or which one should we give up. Maybe because I am not good enough that’s why I have always failed to achieve everything at the same time. I have always had to decide which one should I choose and which one should I give up. Does the decision obviously depend on which one we give the most value?

Literally, I would rather give up what I am having right now just to reach my dream because I seriously give the most value to my dream. Even though I clearly understand that my dream is hard to achieve but I don’t hesitate to give up this opportunity just to pursue my impossible dream. I know that I might regret it later (in case my dream won’t come true) but we all know that the future is unforeseen. We do not know what is going to happen. Everything can be changed at any time. It is a matter of deciding whether we are strong enough to stick to the plan or we tend to change due to external factors.

As I mentioned above, I have considered what I have got as one of the things that come along my life journey. Actually, I hesitated whether to let it go or to try my best to do it while I am walking on the path to reach my dream. Sadly, I am an ordinary woman NOT an extraordinary woman! So I have to admit that I cannot make everything perfect once at a time. Therefore, I decided to give up this opportunity and continue walking through my struggling path. I am ready to accept the possibility of regretting later on. Who knows? Life is a journey! Maybe we are going to get another opportunity after giving up this opportunity.

Don’t lose HOPE!
Don’t lose FAITH!
Don’t lose DREAM!

Be determined to make your dream come true no matter how long it is gonna take.

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