Quiz: What is your spiritual gift?

You’re a dreamer! Dreamers have special gifts to receive messages and reveal truths in their dream. When you fall asleep, your dreams work as a channel between the spirit world and the real world. You know to never interpret your dream literally, for they always contain some hidden meaning or symbolism. You almost always remember your dreams and without fail they deeply reflect the inner truths of what’s happening around you. You often find yourself saying, “I just dreamt about you!” to friends and loved ones, Your dreams are the channel for you to learn the deepest truths about this life, use your gift wisely and help the rest of us out in the process.
What was your last dream about?

I am literally not the type of person who believes in spiritual or superstitious stuff. I have never believed in fortune-tellers or predictions. On the other hand, I tend to believe in psychological tests or quizzes. I always find those tests are really accurate in reflecting on myself. According to the quiz “What is your spiritual gift?” I was surprisingly shocked by its explanation. I don’t know if it is true but it’s definitely something that has already happened to me. I always have strange dreams almost every night. All of my dreams are complex and fantasy. I told myself that those dreams occurred because I think a lot during the daytime. However, it’s really strange because sometimes I dream about something that I seriously have no idea what it is. The places are a combination of many unknown places. More surprisingly, I am able to see the face of people in my dream very clearly. I also can recognize them if I have a chance to meet them one day. But you know what, I have never known them at all. Absolutely not at all! How am I supposed to dream about people who I have never met before?

However, I still tell myself that there is nothing to be surprised by. That’s because I am a kinda overthinking person. My brain functions almost 24 hours per day and 7 days per week just to think about this and that. And yeah, that also means I am a DREAMER. Because I can also dream when I am awake or doing anything else. Isn’t that weird? There are many more weird things about me. Sometimes, I find myself scary! Since I was young, I have always talked to myself like an idiot. Even now! Wanna know the reason why have I done that? The explanation below says it all…

Quiz: What is your spiritual gift?

You’re an introvert! Introverts are usually very complex. You may be quiet, but you have great ideas for the future and your yourself. You are definitely a dreamer, but you are practical too. You don’t expect too much , you are an amazing listener, and your friends circle has its rewards. 

The reason that I said I was an overthinking person is that I know crystal clear that I am kind of an introverted person. This quiz is just something that I want to prove to myself that I am right. I would rather spend my weekend at home, in my room, and doing my favorite things alone. I always feel uncomfortable in a crowd. The best places for me besides my room are the coffee shop, the library, and the park that is surrounded by big trees. An introvert person is the type of person who doesn’t talk a lot. They decide to listen, observe, and learn about everything around them by themselves. Sometimes, they know everything but they choose to keep silent. Personally, I think an introvert person is also an emotional person because they are the type of people who follow their hearts and they also bring their brains along with them.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think being a dreamer is some kind of special gift which I have possessed but I believe that it is a combination of Zodiac Sign (Pisces) and Nature of Personality (Introvert). I am a zodiac believer! Pisces is my zodiac sign. It is really easy for those who want to learn about me. They can understand my personality perfectly well by just going to google and searching for more information about Pisces.


“A DREAMER” may sound good but it’s actually not. A dreamer might be good at dreaming, thinking, and planning but it doesn’t mean they are good at practicing and implementing. One of my friends asked me “Why do you want to be a dreamer? Why not a do-er?”. My friend’s question stabs me right in the throat. Of course, a dreamer is still a dreamer if they don’t have a commitment to make their dreams come true.

I am a dreamer but I also want to be a do-er! I have a lot of beautiful imaginations in my mind and I am trying my best to make those imaginations become real!

By the way, a good thing about being a dreamer is that I always enjoy being in fantasy dreams! I have been to the fantasy world which I have no idea where it is.


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