Just Another Peaceful Night

Tonight is not much different from the other nights. I am laying on the bed which is close to the white tall lamp and the golden starry lights on the wall, smelling the floral perfection of Glade scent gel with 16 degree Celsius temperature from the air-con. I am also listening to the piano instrumental music by Mr. Yurima and writing this post.

If people ask me which time of the day is my favorite time? I would tell them that my favorite time is “nighttime” because it is a moment that I can be who I really am. It is a moment that I can forget about everything and focus on my own things. It is a moment that I find an inner peace and I can also do the reflection of what I did for the whole day. Apart from these, it is my most productive moment of the day.

I always enjoy doing my favorite things alone in this romantic atmosphere. Sometimes, I read my favorite books and sometimes, I watch my favorite movies. I almost forgot that I used to spend my night chatting or talk with someone on the phone until I fall asleep. I almost forgot the feeling of getting good night / good morning text from someone. I guess I am getting used to being single and being myself once again. I love this moment and I love what I am having right now! I am so thankful for everything I am having. That is more than enough for me!

I love watching movies and dramas. I always put myself in their shoes and feel how they feel. Sometimes, I lose myself in a fantasy world through a movie I watch. I always come back to reality when the movies or dramas end. I actually realize that a different person has a different life and different journey! There are more than 7 billions people on this planet so there are more than 7 billion interesting life stories. I am one of them and I enjoy writing my own life story. In my life story, I am the actress, the director, the producer, and the audience. The other people around me are my co-stars.

I have come to learn that “Don’t ever let other people be the director of your life story and also don’t interfere in other people’s life stores as well. You can be their co-star only when you are invited and don’t force someone to be your co-stars if they don’t want to; otherwise, you’ll end up being a bad actor in their life stories.

Well… I’ve done with my random thought tonight. It’s time to sleep! Good night world! 잘자!


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