Behind Every Successful Story

Photo by: Sylvia Duckworth


“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” – Frank Ocean

We often say congratulation to someone who won an award or achieved something. However, we have no idea of what happened behind their success story. “Success is an iceberg“, people can only see a small part that appears on the water but they cannot see another big part under the water. The hidden part (which consists ofpersistence, failure, sacrifice, disappointment, good habits, hard work, and dedication) is a fundamental source of success. Without a big part under water, a small part of the water would never exist.

Not many people share their stories and experiences with everyone. It’s not because they don’t want to share but it’s because nobody asks them. Everyone usually asks how did you do that? can you give me some tips? do you have any pieces of advice or suggestions for me? Yet, not many people ask how many times did you fail before you achieve it? what had you struggled while you tried to pursue it?

Several years ago, I read a book called “Dare to Fail” written by Billi P.S Lim. It’s one of the inspiring books for me. There are many books writing about how to be a success and how to win something but there are not many books writing about how to prepare for failure and how to learn from failure.

Like I wrote in Dare to dream, Dare to fail! you need to be ready for a failure if you want to reach your goal. It is so wrong when people expect too much from their plans. You have to be aware that the road to success has never been easy. You need to be ready for all obstacles that come along the way. If you want to succeed something, you need to be strong, dare to face it, learn from it, take it as a lesson learned, and make it better.


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