A Life Miracle ❤️

“Falling for someone is easy but falling for someone who is also falling for you is a miracle.” 

I have got this quote from one of my favorite Korean dramas which I watched years ago. It still remains in my mind up to now. Since then, I have been wondering if that miracle will ever happen to me in this lifetime?

During the past period of time, I was kind of a person who easily falls for someone. I always fell for someone who makes me feel like “He’s the one I’m looking for“. Guess what? I don’t even know myself whether I really loved them because I was normally interested in someone who has met my criteria. Once, I fell for someone, I would be very obsessed with him. I would think about him every single day. I would do anything to get his attention. I have never cared if he loves me or cares for me or not. I guess I valued “qualification” over “feeling”.

A sad thing is, it does not mean that the one I am interested in, is also interested in me. Another sad thing is that I always ignore the ones who are interested in me and pay attention to the one who I am interested in. That is the reason why I believe that this miracle might never happen to me.

Now, I have started to realize that “feeling” is way more important than “personal qualification”. Of course, I am still looking for the one who has met my criteria but I won’t set it as my first priority like before. I am looking for the one who will feel about me as same as how I feel about him.

For now, I am truly enjoying my single and independent life. I am also working on self-improvement because I want to make sure that I am ready to be “The One” for my future Mr. Right.

Like I mention in my previous post (A Single Lady), I am no longer interested in an immature relationship.

I am looking for…

~ The one who makes me feel like he is “The One”.

~ The one who is willing to hold my hand for the rest of his life and walk through all the good and bad times together.

The one who will never let me go no matter what happens yet hold my hand tight and face all the problems together.

~ The one who will treat me like a queen because I am going to treat him like a king too.

~ The one who loves the flaws in me.

~ The one who wants to grow old with me.

~ The one who makes my “Life Miracle” happens in this lifetime.

~ The one who makes me disbelieve that “true love does exist but not for me”.

(Well… I am being so dramatic here!) 😀

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