Become a Writer?

A Writer” is a new word that is now existing in my mind. It does not accidentally come up by itself. This is what one of my friends told me a few weeks ago. He said I should become a writer. I was surprised to hear that because I honestly have never thought of being a writer.

A throwback to when I was in school, my favorite subjects were literature, history, geography, and science. As you can see, the writing was not on my favorite list. I am a person who does not like rules. I like doing things freely and independently. I don’t want someone to tell me I have to do this do that. It is the same thing with writing. I felt like I need to follow the rule in order to write something which was really frustrating for me.

However, there is something I have not never thought of. I have actually started writing since I was in grade 6. I had my own diary and I kept writing it up to now. I have also started writing a blog 3 years ago. I have to admit that my writings did not follow the rule at all. I have never started writing with brainstorming or outlining. I write whatever comes up in my mind then I organize it later. This is how I write.

Since the day my friend told me to be a writer, I have questioned myself about it almost every day. I doubt whether it is my hidden talent? Well… I am a person who loves to imagine and I am good at thinking (especially overthinking). I like interpreting my thoughts into words. Sometimes, my brain writes itself when I am about to sleep. Writing this article is an example. My brain wrote it before my hand could. Isn’t it funny? I think it is. 🙂

I believe that everyone has their own hidden talent. It depends on how long will it takes for people discover it. To be honest, I have always wanted to know what is my hidden talent? Sometimes, I tried to discover it by thinking of few selective skills that I have possessed such as public speaking, critical thinking, reading people mind, and observing people’s thoughts and I have never thought of writing. I thought it is just one of my hobbies which means I don’t take writing seriously. I just write whenever I am free from other stuff.

I have also questioned myself which field am I interested in? In one of the Korean dramas that I have watched, the actress said: “you know you are interested in something when your heart beats so fast when you talk about it.” I know that I am interested in politic. My heart always beats so fast when I hear someone talks about politic. I always want to discuss with them and share my opinion. However, one thing that I am sure of is that I don’t want to get involved in politic. I have my own reasons for not doing that. This is not because I am afraid of politic but because I think there are hundreds of ways for me to help this country besides involving in politic. Because of this reason, I chose to walk along a development path. I am about to do my Master’s Degree in International Development Studies.

As I am now unemployed and free, I have more time to survey myself about my future goal. What do I really want to do? What is my favorite career? After 4 years of employment, I know that I am not capable of a regular job which means a job that I have to do the same things every day and every month. I get bored with repeating tasks easily. I felt excited about doing it at first then I started to feel bored after a few months of doing it. That is why I changed my workplace 3 times just in 4 years. People told me that I should stay in one place for at least 2 or 3 years. Then I ask myself who am I supposed to do that if I started to feel bored just right after a few months?

Now, I can’t stop myself from thinking about “becoming a writer”. I am doubting about it very often these days. If writing is really my hidden talent then should I consider a writer as my future career? Since there are many kinds of a writer such as novel writer, news writer, social awareness writer, research writer, historical writer, self-development writer, etc. What kind of writer can I be?

I guess this is my new personal assignment that I have to work on.

Hopefully, I will be able to discover my hidden talent and my future career after the 3 years of my journey in Korea.

Finger crossed! 🙂

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