Life is Like a Movie

I have reached another chapter of life which is life-is-like-a-movie chapter. I have experienced many incredible things that I had only seen in the movies. I had always putted myself into those movies and now I am in those movies for real. Isn’t it amazing? Sometimes, I still feel like it is not real. I still feel like it is a just dream. When thing goes so well, I start to worry when will it goes wrong?

I am a person who likes to imaging and dreaming about things I want to do and places I want to go. And I also work so hard to make those imagination and fantasy dreams become real. Even though, I cannot make them all become true now but I am happy to say that some of them already did.

Coming here, my life has changed 360 degree. That’s what my friends told me before I came here and yes, they were right. Living independently and getting a degree is one thing but tremendous experiences while living here is another priceless thing. Sometimes, I have experienced unexpected wonderful thing that I have never thought I could experience.

However, we cannot expect our life to be always good. Of course, it is always up and down like a roller coaster. When you are reaching a peak, you need to be ready to hit the rock bottom. I have learnt to prepare for the worst when I am at the best because “Life is full of surprise!”

Imagine when someone played a guitar for you under the red light and talked about random interesting topics. Someone from another corner of the world. Well… It didn’t mean anything to him and it might be normal for everyone but to me, I actually felt like I was in the movie because nobody had ever played a guitar for me to listen. (FYI, it is definitely not about romance / relationship.) Oh, and, it was also counted as the first experience since I came here.

That would be even way more awesome if someone who we consider as “a special one” do that for us, wouldn’t it?

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