6 Months in Korea

Time flies so fast… It was just like yesterday when I first came to Korea and now it has been 6 months already. Winter season is about to go and spring is about to come… I still can’t believe that I have been here for half a year by now. My time here is getting shorter. I have only 2 and a half year left here. It might be too long for some people but it’s quite short for me because I do enjoy every moment I am having here.

2016 KGSP Graduate Scholar, Korean Langauge Program at Dongseo Univesity

My life in Korea for 6 months is more than just amazing. I cannot find the right word to describe it. Sometimes, I still cannot believe if it is true or it is just a dream. My life has completely changed. I have become a whole new person. I have experienced so many incredible and unforgettable things. I have become a fully self-dependent person. One of the most wonderful things I can never forget is traveling. As I mentioned in the previous posts, I had never got a chance to travel when I was in my country due to my family’s restriction rule.


Within these 6 months, I have been traveling both alone and with friends to many places in Korea. From these traveling experiences:

  • I get used to packing a backpack just a few hours before departure while I used to spend many nights thinking of what should I bring when I was in my country.
  • I get used to sleeping at a friend of friend’s house who I have never known before.
  • I get used to sleeping at a dormitory-style guesthouse with completed strangers.
  • I get used to sleeping with male friends in one room.
  • I get used to taking a bus for 6 hours and a flight alone.
  • I get used to staying overnight.
  • I get used to walking many hours without feeling tired.

If traveling is free, you will never see me again.  

Besides traveling, I have also experienced so many other things such as living in a dormitory, joined Taekwondo club, first snow, ice skiing, build a snowman, experienced earthquake, went to the club until dawn, drink soju and beer, and so on.

My expression when I first saw snow! 😁

It may sound funny to you since you experience all of these when you were young but it was literally the first experiences in my life. However, it is never too late to experience new things, isn’t it?

Once I spread my wings and fly away, I will never stop flying… I will never settle down. It’s my time to explore the world and experience new things that I have never experienced before. 

Talking about studying, I have one more semester for studying Korean language. I haven’t got TOPIK level 3 yet. I have 3 more times to get it but I should get it as soon as possible. So I hope I will be able to get it in March or April. However, I am still not confident enough to write a blog post in Korean yet. I will do so once I am quite confident. Hopefully, I will be able to move to Seoul in August this year for starting my Master’s Degree.

Talking about friends, I have got a chance to make friend with so many amazing people both Cambodian and international friends. I would say that they are the reason that making my life here become so amazing. I really can’t thank them enough for that. Sadly, they can’t be with me forever. They will leave me once they finish their degree and I might not be able to see them again. “Time flies, things change, people leave.” That’s a natural rule. Yet, I still find it’s hard to accept it. I will also make friend with new people who come here. That’s life! Nothing is last forever…  That’s also the reason that I truly treasure every moment I am having here and people I am spending time with. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. The important thing is we are together and enjoy our time here now. At least, we are making a good and unforgettable memory together so that we will smile when we think about what we have done together. Memory will never get old. 😊

My Cambodian friends in Korea. My Traveling Squad! 
My KGSP classmates last semester. ❤️

Talking about life, it is getting easier now as I can understand Korean a little better than when I first came. It is easy to communicate with Korean people and live in Korean society. I feel good when I can talk with ahjussi or ahjumma in the taxi or subway as well as in the shop. I am really glad to take this 1 year of Korean language program. Especially, I am really happy when I can sing in Korean. Lol – I love when I always get 100 scores whenever I go to Noraebang. 😁

To sum up, my life in Korea is like Alice in Wonderland story. There are so many things I have to learn, so many places I have to go, and so many new things I have to experience. I never feel regret of making a decision to come here. However, my life journey will not end right here. Korea is my first journey and there are many more countries that I aim to go and I will find the way to go…

A Cambodian woman in Korean traditional custom (Hanbok) 

Live while we are young! Try new things! Get out of your comfort zone! Be adventurous! Get scared, get lost, get hurt, and gain back experience! Make our life full of experiences! ❤️


8 thoughts on “6 Months in Korea

      1. i have another question ㅠㅠ .. 미안해습니다..
        is it okay that my transcript for master’s and bachelor’s are not separate?
        since i graduated from the same university. though, i have 2 copies of it so i can place it for forms 10 & 12…


      2. I think there is no problem with that. As long as they are transcript, you can place them together. 🙂


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