KGSP Korean Language Program

The summary of my 1 year of the Korean language program at Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea.

It was more than just amazing. Thanks to the Korean government for allowing us to get to know each other from the other corners of the world.

We had a tough and wonderful time together. From having almost 0% knowledge of the Korean language to being able to get levels 3, 4, and 5. TOPIK subject occupied almost 70% of our time in the class let alone extra class and uncounted exams. However, thanks to Dongseo University, we were able to get TOPIK as fast as possible. It was not easy for some of us to get as our language is completely different from Korean. However, we helped each other when we were in need.

Besides language class, we also learned a lot about Korean culture through cultural experiences as well as trips. We learned how to play Korean traditional instrumentals, how to do Korean greetings, watched Korean performances, wore Korean traditional clothes (Hanbok), Korean calligraphy, and so on.

Outside of class, we spent our time exploring Busan as well as other places in Korea. We treated each other as a family. We celebrated a birthday for each and every one of us including teachers. We had dinners, parties, and trips together.

To sum up, one year of the Korean language program to me, was not just only for learning the Korean language but also for learning Korean cultural experiences, exploring Korea, and most importantly, learning about other’s cultures. Within this one year, I have changed so many things. It taught me a lot of things that I have never known before. It gave it a wide range of knowledge and eye-opening experiences.

Even though now we are going on different paths, our memories will always be in our hearts and we always treasure them. When we miss each other, we can always see the photos and videos of the things we did together.

The beginning of Korean language class (Aug 2016)
On the graduation day of Korean language class (Jul 2017)
IMG_6692 (1).jpg
My Beloved Korean Teacher, ❤️ I couldn’t thank her enough for her devotion and effort to help us for the whole semester. Because of her, I was able to get TOPIK with a good result. 

4 thoughts on “KGSP Korean Language Program

  1. Hi.. Was your uni for language course is the same with the uni that you got accepted into?
    I heard that you might be assigned randomly to any uni for language course other than the one that you initially got accepted into.


    1. Yes, the university of language course is different from the university that I got accepted into. It is usually in different region/city because they want foreign students to explore the regional culture and people. 🙂


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