Halfway There

I just realized that it has been half a year that I was away from here. The first semester of graduate school was so intense that really kept me busy until I did not have time to write anything. I am now on the vacation. Winter break has started since mid-December but I could not find time to write because I was tied up with busy schedules including a short visit to my home country.

Now that I am free I can sit down and get back to my favorite hobbies including writing. I am now sitting alone in my house, drinking hot mocha, listening to music, and writing this post. It is too cold outside. These days, the weather has dropped to almost -20 Degree Celsius.

2017 Fall Semester 🍂

Looking back to my first semester, everything was new to me as I had been away from academic life since I graduated from college in early 2014.  So how was my first semester? It went well. I eventually finished it with satisfied grades for all the courses. I took five courses so it was quite intense for me. It is a bit hard to handle all the course works and papers. It does require a strong time-management skill. So I took my semester as the experience and learn from it so that I can plan ahead for what I have to do next semester.

All my professors are great. They are really helpful and respectful. My classmates are also amazing. The best thing I have learned from all my classes was the discussion over various topics with people from diverse countries. I was able to get to know the real examples and experiences from different countries. It is a wide open window to see the world even clearer and better.

In order to complete all the school works, I need to read many journals and books prior to class in order to discuss with professors and classmates. Moreover, I have to write a critical review as assigned task every week. I did not have midterm or final exams. They were replaced by midterm and final papers. During final weeks, I always stayed up late to finish my papers until 6am or 7am in the morning. I usually drink coffee or eat chocolate while I study so that I can concentrate on my work without feeling sleepy.

After all the hard work and sleepless nights, my effort was well paid off. Due to my GPA that is above 4.30 on 4.50 scale, so I am awarded an extra scholarship from HUFS. I did not expect to get that. I actually just tried my best to complete all the tasks on time. This award is a huge motivation for me to try even harder for the next semester.

Despite all the busy schedules and loads of school works, I still managed to visit some new places. Thanks to my Cambodian friends, I was able to travel inside and outside Seoul. Now, they were all back to Cambodia since they already finished their graduate study. They were an important part of my life experience in Korea. Without them, I would not be able to have a joyful life here.

It is undeniable that study abroad is for obtaining an academic study; however, it is not the only important thing. The academic experience is important so is a social life experience. Study abroad is a priceless opportunity to explore a new country, new land, new culture, new places, and new things. We cannot just focus on school works and ignore the outside world; because, at the end of the day, all we have got from an academic life is a certificate degree while social experiences will leave us with loads of experiences, tremendous adventures, and unforgettable memories.

Time has flown too fast for those who are enjoying it including me. It was like yesterday but I have already reached the halfway of my time in Korea. I have only 3 semesters left which is one and a half year to go. It might be long for those who wait but it definitely short for those who want to stay.

Life is a long journey. We can stop in the middle of the way because we are tired and want to rest but eventually we need to get up and walk again on this long and unpredictable journey. Sometimes, it is ok not to have a destination and to live a moment. Yet, it should not be too long.

Snow in HUFS Seoul Campus  (2018 Winter Vacation) ❄️

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