Favorite Cafe in Seoul


Locates in Seoul behind Kyunghee University, “Minto Café – 민들레영토” has become my favorite cafe in town. I knew it is my dream cafe right when I arrived there. Thanks to my Thai friend, Ming, for recommending that cafe to me. Although it is a bit far from my house, I am happy to take a bus or walk there often. It is a few bus stops away from my house which is about 20 minutes on foot.

It is owned by a very nice and kind lady who always serves popcorn and tea to everyone who enters the cafe even without ordering. She has a very bright and lovely smile which makes you feel warmly welcomed a moment you walk in.


The first thing that I love about this cafe is the music. I somehow feel connected to the owner because she always plays my favorite classical music on my playlist that I have rarely heard somewhere else. Yiruma’s piano album is always played. Most of the cafes in Seoul usually play K-pop or American pop music loudly and it is always crowded and noisy because of the many customers. It is not easy to find a quiet and calm cafe like this in Seoul.

Another thing that I love about this cafe is its decoration. I LOVE vintage style! The decoration makes me feel like I am in my dream house. It is surrounded by many beautiful vintage stuff. From wooden furniture, and old stuffed toys, to tea collections, and more. The comfy sofa where you can sit and relax nearby the window and feel the cool breeze in summer that comes through the window that is covered by the tree branches.


One last thing that I love about it is the unlimited drinks with just 5000 Won. I can enjoy all types of drinks from mixed coffee to several kinds of tea, fruit juices, soft drinks, and snacks. I don’t need to worry if I need to order another cup of coffee to stay there longer. I can enjoy a variety of drinks and sit there all day.

I love the feeling of calm, chill, and relaxation when I am there because I am a person who loves a quiet cafe. I don’t really mind the taste of coffee. If I want to drink a good coffee, I can go to a good cafe and take out but if I want to stay and work then the atmosphere is more important for me. I cannot work, study, or read books in a crowded cafe. The noise makes me lose my concentration. I prefer going to such a cafe with friends and having a chitchat with them.

This is where I am going to write my blog.
I am going to spend most of my summer vacation there.
I am looking forward to writing more posts soon!

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