Dream a Little Dream of Me

The world is so busy and crowded during the daytime but when the night comes, it becomes quiet and calm while everyone is sleeping.

And there is me, staying late at night, staring at the laptop’s screen and working on the school projects until dawn.

My phone is next to me, it always is.

Once in a while, I check my phone to see if it works properly.

I wonder why is it so silent? No notification, no sound, no alert, nothing.

Then I realize, it has always been like this. For many years.

I forgot the feeling of getting a “good morning” or “good night” text from someone.

I forgot how it feels like to wait for a message from someone asking how was my day or even a short but warm message telling me that “I miss you!”

I am getting used to being alone, focusing on my work, spending time with friends, traveling to new places, and experiencing new things.

I truly enjoy my life. I love every moment that I have spent here.

Until one night, I realize would it be better to share these moments with someone?

How would it feel to tell someone about how was my day, how stressful the school work is, how beautiful Korea in autumn is, how cold in winter is?

Oh dear, I have experienced so many wonderful things but I have got no one to share with.

Would it be nice to know that someone is missing you?

Would it be nice to have someone worried about you?

Would it be nice to get a text from someone telling you that “don’t stay too late, don’t work too hard, don’t get so stressed, and don’t get sick”?

It would be nice to send someone a simple text saying “Good night and take care.”

Once again, I want to feel excited when a message notification pops up on my phone’s screen while I am working in the middle of the night.

To someone out there, good night and please dream a little dream of me! ❤️

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