The Crossroads

How many times in life do we reach the crossroads?

How many times in life do we get lost in the middle of the road and do not know where to go?

How many times in life do we choose to turn right and wonder what would have been liked if we chose to turn left?

How many times in life do we give up the path we want to choose because of some reason?

At the age of 26 (almost 27), I have reached the crossroad in life again.

Recently, I keep asking myself the same question, whether I should turn left or right but I still cannot find the answer yet. Both paths are in two different directions and bring out different futures.

I just do not know which path is the right one for me. Ironically, I want to turn right because it sounds right to me but I am afraid that maybe the left one is better.

I guess it is hard because I have choices. It might have been better if I did not have a choice. It would have been better to go straight.

Which way should I choose? Or should I let destiny decides for me? But I believe that everyone is a captain of their own destiny. So it is me who needs to make a decision for my own destiny.

Please give me one good reason. Just one reason is enough!

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