Solo Traveling

I was so excited to finally experience solo traveling. Even though it was short but it was wonderful. I am planning to have another solo trip again soon. It is what I had wanted to experience for a long time but I just got to do it recently. 2019 will be my traveling year. I aim to explore new countries and places this year. Time is getting shorter and there are many places that I want to visit.

I have traveled to different places and countries with my friends. It was amazing. I had a wonderful time with them. However, solo traveling is another wonderful experience.

My solo trip included reading a book on the balcony of the hotel room, visiting new places, taking pictures of new things, trying new foods, and experiencing new things.

Solo traveling taught me a lot. We have never known what we can do or how independent we are until we experience it by ourselves. I have always admired other solo travelers. I had always wanted to experience how it feels by myself. I finally did. πŸ™‚

Solo traveling taught me to be confident, independent, and responsible. Most importantly, it taught me to love myself and to befriend myself. It was a beautiful “me time” and I truly appreciated it.

Solo traveling also taught me to appreciate the real beauty of mother nature. Smile at real people and feel the moment.

Sol traveling is also a great challenge. The most challenging thing during the solo trip was that nobody took pictures for me. I love having pictures taken. I am a very demanding person when it comes to photography. However, I cannot expect to get good pictures from asking strangers when I travel alone. The chance of getting a good picture by asking strangers is only 10 percent.

Spending time alone, exploring new places alone, experiencing new things alone, is what everyone should do once in a lifetime. It allows us to learn more about ourselves, to listen to our inner voice, and to be who we really are.

Solo traveling also taught me that everyone in our life is important. I have learned to appreciate every single person in my life. Also, I appreciate myself because, at the end of the day, I am my own company.

I am not a genuine traveler. I have not traveled to many countries yet. I have only been to a few countries and I have not seen how huge the world is yet. I know it is huge but I have not witnessed it by myself yet.

That’s my life goal. To travel the world. To explore new places. To experience new things. To take pictures. To meet new people. To speak new languages. To learn about new cultures. To try new foods. To get lost. Most importantly, to find my inner soul.

I believe genuine travelers experienced what I just experienced a long time ago.

This is just an immature post from an immature traveler.

If you never go, you never know.

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