KGSP Journey: Almost There

Time has flown unbelievably fast. It is too fast until I completely lost track of it.

I kept saying that it felt like yesterday when I first came to Korea.

AND now… It has been almost 3 years. Isn’t it too fast?

I will be graduating soon (hopefully). I am now in my fourth semester of writing my thesis. I am going to graduate in August if I finish my thesis on time.

This is the most stressful moment throughout the whole journey. I have experienced crying because of studying for the first time in my life.

All of my friends have been through the same things. We all have experienced a mental breakdown, depression, sadness, confusion, loss, and a lot more.

I have been fighting these problems since the semester started. I am trying to get myself together and work on my thesis, also to enjoy the last moment of this journey as much as I can.

What is my plan after graduating? To be honest, I don’t know. I leave the option open. I haven’t decided what to do yet.

I have been thinking about it a lot but I still cannot figure it out. I guess I will know the answer when the time comes.

I want to stay and work here for a while but I also want to go back to Cambodia. There are many reasons for me to stay but there are also many reasons to go back.

Maybe this time, I let destiny decides for me. I will just go with the flow. I am hoping for the best.

Looking back to the first I came here and now, I have dramatically changed both mentally and physically.

KGSP Journey has taught me so many things. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. It is my life experience.

I will write about the whole KGSP journey experience once I am done with the very last challenge (THESIS). In the meantime, I hope I can complete it as soon as possible.


It’s spring now. Isn’t HUFS beautiful in the spring? πŸ’—


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