Siem Reap, Cambodia

Finally, I have got to finish a post about my Siem Reap trip during winter vacation last year. I have been to Siem Reap a few times with my family since I was very young. So I couldn’t remember well. This time, it felt like the first time for me because I had a chance to explore Siem Reap by myself.

I was there for a field research trip with my professor. Then I decided to extend my stay after finishing a field research trip because I wanted to walk around Siem Reap since I haven’t visited there for a long time.

I felt so connected and I LOVED every part of it. Everything was magnificently beautiful and amazing. It was not as crowded as Phnom Penh and it was easy to go anywhere by foot or Tuk Tuk.

Sadly, I have only got to visit 3 temples due to my short stay and a busy schedule. Also, because the weather was really hot, I couldn’t walk for a long time. So I chose to visit the must-visit temples which are Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Prohm Temples.

Here are some pictures of these three wonderful and amazing temples:

Angkor Wat Temple

Bayon Temple

Ta Prohm Temple

There are hundreds of magnificent temples that I couldn’t visit this time but I already visited when I was there with my family. I would definitely visit them once I visit Siem Reap again.

I had also been to a few interesting places such as the night market, old market, and pub street. They are also the must-visit places in Siem Reap. It is a good idea to visit the temples during day time and enjoy those places during a nice time. At night, the weather was not hot so I liked it. Everything comes to life at night. The light, the music, people, street foods, and street handicrafts are everywhere.

A hidden gem ‘Khmer Relief Spa’, locates in a narrow alley near Pub Street.

One of the best experiences that I had was Khmer traditional massage. It was SUPER WONDERFUL. I miss it so much! I had a foot massage a few times and a body massage once during my stay. It was the best remedy to relieve all the stress. It also helped my skin and muscle because they use traditional herbs and methods. I love the sense of Khmer traditional herbs, especially lemongrass. Also, the sound of Khmer traditional music and decoration made me feel so relaxed and calm.

Getting a Khmer traditional massage would probably be the best experience I had in Siem Reap.

Pub street is a place for anyone who loves drinking and partying. There are so many pubs, bars, and clubs there. It was where people usually celebrate the new year or festivals. The majority of the visitors are foreigners. I love having a beer and a nice dinner in the pub street with friends. Thanks to a friend who accompanied me to have a nice dinner there.

I also did some shopping at night and in the old market. I bought some handicrafts from the night market for my friends in Korea. A tip for those who want to buy Cambodian souvenirs, please do visit Old Market. The price there is incredibly cheap. It is 10 times cheaper than in Phnom Penh. I was so surprised. I have got so much stuff with 20 bucks.

Overall, my solo trip to Siem Reap was amazing. I got to visit amazing temples, stay at an awesome hotel, enjoy super delicious local foods (which I had been craving for so long), had the best body and foot massages, enjoyed drinking with friends, buy awesome handicrafts, and got friendly greetings by local people. I’ll visit Siem Reap again when I visit Cambodia.

NOTE: Please note that All of the pictures are subjected to copyright. All the pictures cannot be used without my permission or consent.

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